The top 10 mistakes people might make when scattering ashes

April 15, 2024

Here are the top 10 scattering ashes mistakes:

1. Not obtaining permission or checking regulations for the chosen scattering location.
2. Choosing a location without considering environmental factors like wind or tide.
3. Not properly securing the ashes container, leading to spills or mishaps during the scattering.
4. Forgetting to involve close family members or friends who may wish to participate.
5. Rushing the scattering ceremony without allowing sufficient time for reflection and closure.
6. Scattering ashes in a location that holds no significance to the deceased or their loved ones.
7. Failing to plan for transportation to the scattering site or neglecting to bring necessary supplies.
8. Not informing other family members or loved ones about the scattering plans, causing confusion or hurt feelings.
9. Scattering ashes in a location that may be inaccessible or unsafe for participants.
10. Neglecting to consider cultural or religious customs that may influence the scattering process.