The perfect scatter

May 16, 2024

Aerial Ashes is the UK’s leading aerial ashes scattering service.

Scattering ashes by drone introduces a novel approach to a timeless ritual, merging technology with tradition. Achieving the perfect scatter hinges on a delicate balance of several key factors: aerodynamics, velocity, wind speed, wind direction, and flow rate. Achieving this sweet spot is the responsibility of our experienced operators and has been perfected over many years of scattering ashes, initially by helicopter and then applied to drones.

We thought we would explain what makes the perfect scatter…

Aerodynamics plays a crucial role in determining how the drone interacts with the surrounding air. Designing the drone to minimise turbulence and maintain stable flight ensures that the ashes are dispersed evenly and gently. By optimising the drone’s shape and structure, engineers can enhance its manoeuvrability and control, allowing for precise scattering patterns. Understanding drone aerodynamics is also essential for safety, avoiding micro turbulent air flows caused by the rotors (approximately 6000 rpm)

Drone velocity is another critical factor that influences the trajectory and dispersion of the ashes. Controlling the drone’s speed is essential to ensure that the ashes are dispersed over the desired area without clumping or uneven distribution. Adjusting the velocity allows for flexibility in adapting to different environmental conditions and scattering preferences.

Wind speed and direction are external variables that must be carefully considered when planning a scatter by drone. Understanding how the wind currents interact with the drone’s flight path enables operators to adjust their strategy accordingly. By leveraging real-time data they can navigate the drone to capitalise on favorable wind conditions and mitigate potential challenges.

Aerial Ashe’s highly experienced operators constantly adjust velocity according to the wind direction and speed.

Ash flow rate refers to the rate at which the ashes are released from the drone during scattering. Regulating the flow rate is crucial for achieving the desired dispersal pattern and density. Too high a flow rate may result in ashes being concentrated in certain areas in an “ashes dump”, while too low a flow rate may lead to insufficient coverage or an invisible scattering. Fine-tuning and perfecting the flow rate allows for customisation based on the specific requirements and preferences of the ceremony.

In essence, the perfect scatter by drone is achieved when these elements harmonise seamlessly, culminating in a graceful and dignified tribute to the departed. By leveraging technology, scientific principles and operator skill, scattering ashes becomes not only a symbolic gesture but also a meticulously orchestrated ceremony that honors the memory of loved ones in a profound and meaningful way.

It is no accident that Aerial Ashes is the UK’s leading aerial ashes scattering service.

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