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Aerial Ashes is the leading ashes scattering service using drones.

We welcome interest from experienced operators who are looking to join our team



What we look for?

Aerial Ashes operators are very special people.

All our operators have a strong mix of compassion, empathy and the upmost respect for out clients with a burning desire to provide exceptional service. We recruit for this soft skills which we can not teach. 

We hire experienced, qualified drone operators who hold a GVC.

We then train operators in our advanced drone videography following which you will be qualified to film scatterings from a second drone.

Operators then have the opportunity to complete the advanced scattering course where they learn about drone dynamics, wind effects, release speeds etc to become expert ash scatterers. Only then are they ready to complete scatterings.

In return we offer



Excellent rates of pay


Industry-leading pay, uniform & support


Job satisfaction that you would not believe