Legal Requirements

Laws on scattering ashes in uk

The law on scattering ashes in uk

Aerial Ashes operate in what the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) term the Specific Class. This means that our orders and procedures are scrutinised annually by the CAA before the award and renewal of an Operational Authority. Much of the regulation is based on safety which is covered by adhering to stipulated heights and distances from uninvolved persons; all Aerial Ashes tasks are necessarily flown within the authority given and this forms a large part of our planning process.

Scattering ashes overland must only be conducted with the permission of the landowner. Although ignored by many, this is the law and is not just specific to drone operators. Aerial Ashes use a variety of sources to establish ownership and start the required correspondence. Scattering ashes at sea and operating from the beach is usually less complicated as there are extant legal permissions for over UK waterways. In all cases, Aerial Ashes will only ever release ashes over an approved area.

All Aerial Ashes drone operators are licensed by the CAA, operate within the approved Operating Authority and are covered by extensive 3rd party liability insurance.

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