Aerial Ashes offer an innovative means of cleanly and sensitively scattering your loved one’s ashes at beautiful and memorable locations over land or sea across the UK.

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Scattering ashes by drone enables cremation remains to be finely and cleanly dispersed over land or sea leaving hardly a trace.

Aerial Ashes provide this service using fully licensed drones and offer a truly memorable event at meaningful locations whilst removing the anxiety some have with scattering ashes themselves.

Our ash-carrying drones are fitted with a unique and bespoke load-box.
Designed to carry all of the cremation remains, the load carrying box is opened remotely, when you’re ready, from a switch on the controls of the ground-based handset.

Our service includes the management of all permissions and arrangements necessary to meet your airborne ashes-scattering requirements and the choice of location is largely up to you.

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 Aerial Ashes Ltd  - quick introduction.

We are the UK's leading experts at aerial ashes scattering. The pioneer of the business was Christopher Mace who was regularly asked to scatter ashes in various locations as an RAF helicopter pilot. As a natural perfectionist, Christopher refined the ashes scattering process continually, working out the optimal dynamics to obtain the perfect ashes scattering. The perfect scattering at sea, beaches or wherever was initiated by a slow release coupled with the correct airflow dynamics allowing the ashes to be scattered perfectly. The result - the ashes were scattered over a distance allowing them to dissipate and almost magically disappear in plain sight. This is the perfected ashes scattering symbolising letting go or setting free depending on your personal belief. We respectfully request that you don't just take our word for it. You are invited, or encouraged to read out independent reviews and see the results for yourself.

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