Aerial Ashes offer an innovative means of cleanly and sensitively scattering your loved one’s ashes at beautiful and memorable locations over land or sea across the UK.

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Scattering ashes by drone enables cremation remains to be finely and cleanly dispersed over land or sea leaving hardly a trace.

Aerial Ashes provide this service using fully licensed drones and offer a truly memorable event at meaningful locations whilst removing the anxiety some have with scattering ashes themselves.

Our ash-carrying drones are fitted with a unique and bespoke load-box.
Designed to carry all of the cremation remains, the load carrying box is opened remotely, when you’re ready, from a switch on the controls of the ground-based handset.

Our service includes the management of all permissions and arrangements necessary to meet your airborne ashes-scattering requirements and the choice of location is largely up to you.

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