Scattering Ashes by Drone

Scattering of ashes service

Our perfected aerial ashes scattering provides a fitting farewell at your choice of beautiful and sentimental locations across the UK.

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Why our customers choose us:

Do you want to move on from sadness and find a way to keep their memory alive at your special place?

Are you struggling to navigate the legalities, logistics and pressure of scattering ashes which is adding stress to this difficult time?

Do you want the scattering to be a beautiful celebration of a life that touched many?

Would you like everyone to be together in one place so you can support each other during the scattering?

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Download free "The Good Scatter Guide 2024". This is the ultimate guide to scattering ashes across the UK covering proven psychological benefits of scattering ashes, top location ideas as well as practical & legal advice. 

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Full UK coverage at your choice of location

Subject to land owner's permission. We will liaise on your behalf as part of the planning process without cost or obligation to you.

 Aerial Ash Scattering

Remembrance Service: Settlement of Ashes by Plane and Boat

Welcome to Aerial Ashes, where we know how important it is to say goodbye in a way that is both meaningful and peaceful. Scattering Ashes by Plane is so expensive it is not accessible to many. Scattering Ashes by Boat can be impracticable, inaccessible and have unintended issues such as wind and sea sickness.

Additional Services

A video of the scattering set to music filmed by a second drone.

A second ash scattering drone for simultaneous double scatterings.

See the video below for our latest showreel

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 Aerial Ashes Ltd  - quick introduction.

We are the UK's leading experts at aerial ashes scattering. The pioneer of the business was Christopher Mace who was regularly asked to scatter ashes in various locations as an RAF helicopter pilot. As a natural perfectionist, Christopher refined the ashes scattering process continually, working out the optimal dynamics to obtain the perfect ashes scattering. The perfect scattering at sea, beaches or wherever was initiated by a slow release coupled with the correct airflow dynamics allowing the ashes to be scattered perfectly. The result - the ashes were scattered over a distance allowing them to dissipate and almost magically disappear in plain sight. This is the perfected ashes scattering symbolising letting go or setting free depending on your personal belief. We respectfully request that you don't just take our word for it. You are invited, or encouraged to read out independent reviews and see the results for yourself.

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